Ometepe as our month in Granada comes to a close

Thai food in Nica

Thai food in Nica

Raina and I made red curry for our host family earlier this week which went down a treat despite a few mishaps (turns of cream of coconut is definitely not the same as coconut cream). The rain was so loud I even had a hard time understanding the other english speakers properly, but it was still the most people we’d ever had at the dinner table at once I think. They commented on how healthy the meal was with all of the vegetables.. I’m not sure why we don’t see more veggies around, if they have money to buy new furniture every other day and build new rooms.. a cultural thing perhaps, or maybe there’s more to the financial situation than I understand.

Instead of visiting a hospital this week our half of the group went to the offices of service crew for the public hospitals in Nicaragua. And then, as it happened, we split up into groups and went to different hospitals… we ended up at maternity hospital and managed to fix an infant incubator just by looking at it, just about. Guess sometimes fixes are perplexingly simple.

Just a temperature sensor, fan and heater to this incubator.

Just a temperature sensor, fan and heater to this incubator

Over the weekend we headed for the island of Ometepe and had groups hike each of its volcanoes. I opted for a waterfall hike (finally got to see a glass-wing butterfly by chance) and a lot of lazing around otherwise, enjoying the nice food and playing bananagrams.. it was fantastic.

La Cascada de San Ramon

La Cascada de San Ramon

Finca Mystica, Ometepe

Finca Mystica, Ometepe

It’s sad and a bit of a shock that we’re already wrapping up the first month of the EWH Summer Institute.. feeling like there’s a lot more left to learn but I guess it’ll have to be done on the job once we hit the hospitals. The spanish school hosted a wrap up party for us which was great fun, and each group gave a performance (ours was Let It Go in spanish). Of course we had our own farewell party after winning one last round of pub trivia, but I think we’ll still manage to see each other despite being scattered throughout the country next month.

Party at NSLS

Party at NSLS


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