Second week in Nicaragua

This week started off on a high note as I, for the first time despite who knows how many attempts, have finally been on a winning trivia team! I’ll have to keep in mind that it definitely helps to have a team the same age, with the same interests, and from the same town as the host…

Classes have mainly been about different types of equipment that we’re likely to come across and case studies on the types of faults they commonly have. In labs this week we made torches and regulated power supplies and working with the instructor to get to the bottom of my originally stumping questions regarding fuses. On Friday we went back to the same hospital as last week so saw some familiar faces, and they were probably happy to have their cleaning assistants back. At least from my perspective this visit wasn’t as interesting as the last, as the equipment wasn’t actually broken. On one hand, it’s a shame to spend time cleaning equipment instead of repairing it and doing things closer to what we can expect for the second month when there isn’t such an established maintenance team, however on the other hand it’s really great to shadow the technicians while they’re available and pick up on things, which makes the experience better. The men are happy to explain processes and vocabulary to us as mentors of sorts. We didn’t really fix so much equipment this week but we worked on fans (pedestal and ceiling), a through-wall AC unit, an EKG machine (poor connection in hub), an autoclave (only good for spare parts it turns out) and a pulse oximeter (meant for babies, hence the bad readings).

Learning from the technicians

Learning from the technicians

Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday

At the end of the week there was a split of the group to either go volcano boarding in Leon or beach/partying in San Juan del Sur. I went for the party option though I started wondering if I wasn’t actually more interested in just staying at home and chilling… Usually when I push myself to go to something it ends up being worth it though (albeit at the subtle cost of the push which appears to slowly wear on me), and this case followed suit. We had a nice day on the beach that seemed to go on and on and tacos for dinner, although I kinda regret not checking out the food that must have existed at the street party for Mothers Day. Back home at our host family’s house there are five generations under one roof (including a 95 year-old) because Mother’s Day is kind of a big deal (public holiday level). Meanwhile, we ended up at a bar by the beach and of course exploited the combination by the end of the night. There’s an infamous pool crawl on Sundays which lived up to the hype – the most surprising part of the day was how we somehow managed to make it on the bus back to Granada with five minutes to spare.


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