Reasons I feel like I’ll be happy in this career for quite some time

Well, actually there are around six at the moment.

I’ve been looking at thesis topics that I might be able to do next semester, and even after filtering through so as to only select ones which will are attractive to me by having some sort of purpose/impact, I’ve managed to make a pretty long list (I have looked at a lot though – credit where credit’s due). I’m talking about a list which includes things like the following:

  • People detection from infrared images that autonomous aerial vehicles capture during search and rescue missions after earthquakes, for example.
  • An intelligent bed for intensive care units that, with changes in parameters such as the angle of the bed, can control patient’s vital statistics, by developing a control system that treats the bed as a plant with time-varying properties (the patients).
  • A robotic device that automatically adjusts the posture of paralysed mice as they are getting electrical stimulation which is allowing them to re-learn how to walk.
  • Navigation algorithms for robots which are playing games with children patients at hospitals.
  • Computer vision-based motion planning algorithms for microbots for targeted drug delivery, eg. chemotherapy.
  • Robot control algorithms and input information processing (face tracking, speech recognition) to interact with a child learning to write using the TinkerLamp (an awesome computer vision-based augmented reality for education).

I mean imagine if I could go from one of these projects to the next – it would be years before I’d be bored, and the whole time I’d be doing work that I consider interesting and – believe it or not – totally entertaining.. plus apparently helping heaps of people, what?!

And this is just some of the list!! But, the absolutely best part of it all is, I’m looking to apply for a scholarship for female robotics masters students to do their thesis in Switzerland (perfect, right?) – and so I’ve only looked at Swiss robotics labs so far! Ahhh!


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