After another day of driving we arrived back in France to spend some time at the beach at Nice, French Riviera. Nice was interesting in that it seemed that the dodgy parts of town were right next to the nice streets and Louis Vuitton stores. Or perhaps the strange people just end up in the nice places.. at night time, they ended up in every place.

We went out to dinner at a French restaurant for a few courses (with dessert this time! Ice cream filled profiteroles) and the out to a bar that we’d book some tables at (busy even on a Tuesday it seemed). And by tables I mean the dance floor, apparently! Best night on the trip by far – best music, and we had the whole tour up on the tables (it at least kept the path to the bathroom free – should be implemented in every bar!). Our tour leader and driver are pretty sweet and come out with us each night (navy and grey shirts).

Tables become a dancefloor

The next day we had nothing planned by the tour until 4pm so a lot of us slept in for once (mine was ruined at 8 sigh) then most of us had shopping and the beach on the itinerary for the day. The beach was nice and warm but there were rocks instead of sand which made you earn your swim – torture on the feet. Shopping was good – their main street is like Bourke St mall in Melbourne (trams included), and we were all set the task to dress to impress for the evening’s activities. I was so exhausted from the night before but I still visited every shop looking for some heels to dress up my outfit – eventually I found some for €60 which I don’t even bother converting to Australian dollars anymore because it’s going to be my currency for a while.. And there’s no point thinking of things relative to Australia to get an idea of how expensive they are, because everything is so differently priced here (eg blouses for the cost of a sandwich) that you have to just recalibrate your idea of what’s expensive for clothes etc.

We made a trip to the Fragenhartz perfumery on our way out to spend the night at Monaco (a country with more millionaires than policemen, a population of 8000 residents and 30000 visitors) with a visit to the casino where Casino Royale was filmed – an evening filled with plenty of incredible sights. Drinks on the beach when we returned to Nice finished the day off well.


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