Switzerland, you’ve outdone yourself!

Picturesque is absolutely an understatement for Switzerland.. For Lauterbrunnen, at the very least.

360x90o of pure postcard. Whatever you picture Switzerland like in your head, this will most likely live up to it – our bus and the two others that were in town the same two nights as us spent the majority of our time in awe of our surroundings. The Swiss flag-marked waterfall right near our cabins probably helped with that.

Swiss houses

London, Paris: their beauty was as a city – in their buildings and icons. Switzerland’s beauty lies in its landscapes and cute cottages. You would think that the village had been set up just for tourists, to pander to the old-time stereotype of the Swiss Alps, but this town of 800 and one bar isn’t a particularly hot tourist destination – there was no exaggeration! After dinner (fondue and roast at the campsite) we took that bar by storm though. With some exceptionally Swiss-looking cider chilled in the stream, the party began, and continued on through the night with the other tour groups.

The bus journey to Switzerland took longer than I had expected, taking the majority of the day. This seems to create a false sense of hope for sleep catch-up, with late nights ensuing. I hope I learn to remember that they insist on playing music on the bus even when everyone is clearly trying to sleep, and that stops are required every two hours for the driver, so hence the “false” hope, making the bus days not just a missed opportunity for sleep, but a source for a wrongly seized opportunity for a late night beforehand (double whammy!). Don’t regret a thing!

I’ll explain the rest of the night with this:

The best (and only) bar in Lauterbrunnen


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