Adrenaline junkie..?

The beauty of Switzerland just kept coming today. Up early to catch a train up to Jungfraujoch, the highest train-accessible point in Europe. Before leaving I popped into reception to find out about the bungee jumping I’d heard someone speak of despite our tour leader not knowing of any when I asked (the tour only advertised the skydiving which was $500 plus another $1something for the DVD) . Only $150 for a more exhilarating experience (in my experience)? Sign me up! I asked others if they wanted to join me and the only one to say yes was Chong Sol (very much to my surprise)! We were booked in for 4pm, which I later realized only gave us 2 hours at the Top of Europe because of the 2hr train ride.. No worries, still another $150 well spent.

Jungfraujoch cows

Cows. With bells. Yes, really.

The views were spectacular at Jungfraujoch – we couldn’t quite see as far as France and Germany as is sometimes possible, but with a schnapps and wearing every item of clothing that I brought, it was beautiful. A play in the snow and a go on the 250m zip line and it was pretty much time to head down again, on an earlier train so that there was some spare time for taking a million photos on the way back to the reception, which we absolutely did (as well as some Swiss chocolate shopping).

The next few hours were ones not to be forgotten. Imagine the most picturesque Swiss lake, completely surrounded by green mountains with only a log cabin, dinghy and picnic bench in sight. Oh, and a cable car full of backpackers, 290ft above the lake, chanting a countdown….

Such an incredible experience, bungee jumping aside! Which is good, because I can’t remember much of the jump itself, except the headache like last time, and the sore back I got from this time unlike last. I think it might have to do with the Gold Coast one being more of a ‘fall off the edge’, and this one a ‘throw yourself from the cable car’. I found the falling way scarier (more fun – man that was a scream), but throwing yourself definitely makes for a better photo!!

Swiss bungee jumping

I went third (I’d offered second but the girl next to me got clipped onto the rope first) which meant that I got to sit for still-not-long-enough next to the beautiful lake and watch everyone else. Apparently I was so psyched that I even skipped the countdown!! My throw out of the door (sideways for the photo) must have been good because I ended up going backwards for most of my jump!

Chong Sol was terrified and needed a few count downs but ended up loving it and plans to do many more back in Korea – can’t blame her!


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