My new continent

Yes, things went quite smoothly today I feel.. Got to Kylie’s (albeit with a super expensive taxi fare.. Too many steps on public transport for my heavy bag) and washed my hair and reshuffled my bags so I had some warmer clothes for the tour.. After reading the itinerary and realizing there’d be snow at the Alps..! Also they have the craziest kitten ever – super cute.

Kylie, Nico and I got some lunch then Kylie showed me the way to my hostel on the metro. Ditched my backpack and ran into a roommate of mine who was heading off on her tour the day after me.. The hostel is where the tours leave from and so most people stating there are off on a tour eventually.

She gave me the advice of a river cruise to see the city sights, which sounded way better than the walking tour I had planned.. It rained a bit but that wasn’t going to stop me, and it dried up eventually so I could get my camera out again. A perfect combination of rest and sightseeing. I hopped off at the Tower Bridge and Westminster areas for some photography.. I was hoping that that would help everything finally sink in, but still in a bit of a daze over it all! I’d like for when it sinks in to be in a good, exciting way and not a ‘what the hell am I doing here’ way.. Hopefully some French atmosphere will make it too hard to ignore 🙂

Four police bikes

This was my favourite photo for the day because it was like watching damped oscillations of a control system, as the policeman rounded the corner.. see here and maybe you’ll agree..

I’ve noticed that the cars here are all quite square looking; not many rounded ones. The metro runs so frequently that you don’t have to plan your trip you just show up and one will be there within a few minutes: perfect. And because of the Olympics there are guides everywhere to help. I’ve found that taking their advice even when I think I have it sorted out (and not being to certain/proud) can be helpful because they’ll know things like which lines are busy or where the best place to get on river cruise is. Most of the other things are pretty similar to Australia (hopefully I won’t get in trouble for saying this!), except everyone looks somehow British.. Not sure of the defining qualities, maybe round faces? But something’s different I think. Also there are bricks everywhere.. Everywhere, brick buildings! I have also noticed why everyone always complains in Australia about healthy food being too expensive – got a delicious salad for dinner for £4 and saw sandwiches for under £2 vs a £10 burger – in Au they’d both be $10!

Exhausted and in bed by 9 for the early start tomorrow..!


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