Oh what a niiiiiiiight!

Last night was my going away party, or shall we say 21st.. Mum was set on having a 21st birthday party before I left, even if it was a few months early: she says it’s because Mathew’s was so big and it’s important and whatever, but I do wonder how much it has to do with being able to pretend the party wasn’t to celebrate me leaving the country! Either way, I was happy with the idea. Especially since it meant that I got to say goodbye to everyone in one place rather than not having enough time to get to see everyone before I left. . And by everyone, I mean quite a few dozen friends and a whole lot of relatives. It was pretty easy to keep track of numbers because I got a photo with pretty much all of them, thanks to the ingenious idea to hire a photobooth for the night! With plenty of (French) props too, so we got some pretty good shots out of it!

Photobooth with the fam

I personally spent 90% of the night in the booth, because Teagan sent everyone my way for their mandatory photo, and book signing. It definitely meant that I got to see everyone – once I’d managed to get past the bottom of the house steps without being caught up by a wave of new guests. I might have missed most of the food, but I got my share of croissants. Mostly, though, it was all super fast and I did my characteristic ‘wait, did that just happen?’ move at the end of it.. these things usually happen to me when I don’t (/don’t want to) full understand the gravity of what’s happening… Well, there’s always a second chance on my real 21st in October!


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