I need your help.

When the videos of the TED@Sydney event were released, I didn’t show mine to anyone – I still find it strange that people would want to listen to something that I have to say. Especially TED. To this day I am baffled at how I ended up on stage with such incredible minds. But, whether I liked it or not, there’s no hiding on the internet..!

Strangers started emailing me to tell me that the talk resonated with them. They left incredibly supportive comments on the video.. I am still trying to believe it.

I guess this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise after what happened at TED@Sydney… People stood up. After my talk, people stood up.. The TEDActive blog reasons that this occurs after a “presentation touched a nerve within us all- it spoke to a deep common need for understanding or a solution we were all looking for.” I won’t pretend it was a full standing ovation like for Chantelle‘s incredible charity work, but as far as I know it was the first response like that for the day. It was definitely the only response like that for an engineer. And I definitely cried when I found out.

I know that the concepts in the video changed my life, my career path, my purpose.. but I had only ever hoped that I could succeed in eliciting the same epiphany in others.

No doubt it’s an incredible feeling to think that people want to listen to something that I have to say. But that’s not what this is about.

Like all TED speakers, I want one thing: for my idea to spread.

And I’ve been convinced to believe that others want this too! I got mentioned on the TED blog. Universities across Australia are playing my video to inspire their students. Over 100 of my friends have shown their support on Facebook!

But, TED doesn’t see any of this support. 20-30 Talent Search finalists will get to present at TED2013 – literally reaching millions of people. But, it’s a competition. And liking my facebook post won’t help the talk get to millions.

I can see the voting activity feed (take a look for yourself), and it stings a bit to know that so many of my friends will like or comment on my facebook posts, but only six have taken the time to help in a productive way. There’s facebook integration for sign-up, it’s two clicks.

It’s not really my thing to ask for help. But this is something that I can’t do by myself!

There’s one week left to vote.

We can share this talk with the world – you just have to take the 20 seconds to log in and vote.



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