One week

The past two weeks (or three? it’s been hard to keep track) have been a strange mix of stressful and relaxing. I would like to have gotten a lot more of my jobs done by now, but I guess that’s where the relaxing comes into it. Perhaps slacking is the appropriate word? Either way, for however long I’ve been back in Brisbane for I’ve spent the time slowly sorting out the state of my room (it was packed up haphazardly when I moved to Melbourne), sleeping in, and planning my going away party/21st.

Things are starting to come together.. all of the decorations I ordered off ebay are arriving.. bags and bags of clothes/things from my room are being donated to vinnies.. and there’s still been time for trips to the beach and late night karaoke-ing.

As you would have heard I’ve been to a women in engineering workshop, spoken to some school students, and been on a motorsport tour, but I’ve also been to a photography workshop (I can shoot manual now!), caught up with the new maths society president for a few hours (nothing beats a chat with someone who just gets you), and seen my favourite maths comedian once more (6th time I believe) – with some of my family this time. We happened to have a Smiley Maths shirt handy and it was a perfect fit for him – I was so happy to see him wearing it!!!

It was Dad and Teagan’s birthdays on Friday. I got Dad some electronics prototyping stuff (breadboards etc) for his new ventures – he had to laugh at the non-conventional concept of the gift 😀 I’ve offered him my experience but have explained that most of it comes from googling!! The degree does help with understanding the google results though – but I’m confident he’ll pick it up 🙂

For Teagan’s birthday gift I spent a week of my time helping to plan her surprise weekend away… Ben took care of the dinner with her friends (phew) and I was to help with accommodation.. bad idea. Apparently I’ll book the cheap place, not the nice place.. nevermind, Mum stepped in, and just a short cancellation fee later we were in the spaaaa.. Teagan really had no idea where we were going when we summoned her to the car in her pyjamas..! Luckily Ben was around after we got back from the beach to distract her while I packed the car with dresses and makeup for the night. She got an even bigger surprise though when we showed up to a group of her friends after we’d convinced her that her friends sucked and all piked – good idea, Ben and Mum!

I ended up having a really nice chat with Teagan’s friends about a whole range of things – it got surprisingly philosophical for over pancakes! To sum up how the night ended: ka-ra-o-ke.

Hahahahahahaha… here’s hoping they have 80s bars in France!!!


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