Power of Engineering

Last month when I was still living in Melbourne, I got a call from QUT to offer to fly me to Brisbane to speak at the Open Day again this year. Of course I would have said yes, but Mum and Teagan were visiting me in Melbourne that weekend. Instead I let them know that I’d be back for engineering week if they had anything planned, and straight away I was signed up for a presentation to some school girls.

I remember telling Mum how crazy I must be. After all, who promises that they won’t take on any more extra-curricular activities, then in the same week volunteers themself for more things? “Why do I do this to myself?” Of course I knew the answer before the words were out of my mouth!!

Here it is 😀
Power of Engineering presenting

117 year 9 and 10 girls, from eight different high schools, all in the one room. SO much easier than trying to get out to all of the schools individually!! And I was trusted to give them a positive impression of engineering.

Before I’d even started I was asked for my autograph. Perhaps you’re thinking ‘Are you for real Deanna? An autograph? Aren’t you like 20?’ I couldn’t believe it either. But they were excited to see me, because I was on banners all around the room and on the engineering course books that they’d been given (yes it was creepy to be next to it all). It definitely made my trip to Brisbane worthwhile. Maybe I didn’t even have to say anything to give them a positive impression of engineering?

I decided that my usual school presentation could use a makeover. I learnt a lot at the Robogals training weekend (I was supposed to be the trainer!), and I don’t think that any knowledge should go to waste! Audience participation, personalised photos, and videos featured more than they usually would. Plus, since I was after two other speakers I figured that the majority of my presentation about what engineering is and what it’s like at university would have been covered already. Might as well skip to the good parts!

Now that I think about it, I haven’t given a presentation like today’s before. As in, on this content.. because the content was ‘stuff I’ve realised’ and most of it I’ve only realised recently. There was a point in it from a video I watched two days ago. There was a conclusion that I myself only came to two weeks ago. And there was an underlying concept throughout the talk that I only realised in the past week.

It will take a reasonable amount of words to explain the topics covered in the talk, so I’ll spread it over a few posts if that’s alright with you! In summary, I spoke, and they came up to me afterwards for my business card and to say “thank you, that was really great”.. That’s why I will happily agree to these presentations when the opportunity comes up, even if my diary says I shouldn’t.


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