Five year warm up

If I had to comment on my university experience as a whole? Fast. Really truly ridiculously fast. But experience tells me that that’s what happens when you fill your plate up.. I imagine that if I had’ve just done the bare minimum that it would have been a different story, but it all paid off. I do sometimes wonder if I missed my chance to have the undergraduate experience that everyone always talks about.. wild parties and whatnot. But I went to mostly every party there was (I was organising a good chunk of them!), so there are a few possibilities here: I really suck at experiencing things (reject: I can remember some pretty sweet dancing nights!); society’s portrayal is a bit much; when I think of my time I focus more on the achievements than the parties. Well, whatever the reason, the best best very best part of it all is that I’m still just TWENTY! Ridiculous – I can’t believe it myself! I had my few years of ‘must suck to be you, Deanna,’ but now, for the rest of my life, I have the advantage. Some people just start this experience at this age: and really, that’s what I’m about to-do, over in Europe and whatnot.. In fact, we can consider the past five years as just a warm up..

Drink Unsuspecting Small Town Establishment Dry (DUSTED) 2011


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