TV, TED and Thredbo

Alright, it’s been a while.. and some things have happened I guess. The word famous has been thrown around 😉

OK, the realms within which are pretty small I’ll admit.. it’s pretty much my facebook friends. And maybe some 12 year-old kids.. but, when you’re on a kids’ tv show, I guess that *is* what happens.. :/

Scope Chanel 10 4th July 2012

A year’s worth of hard work paid off.. boiled down to a 3 minute segment explaining my thesis in layman’s terms! Luckily they took care of the scripting, so a brain-controlled car should be pretty easy to digest now, with the exception perhaps of those lame puns that they threw in.. I was worried that I would regret ever agreeing to do the video because I thought I’d hate the video and be plagued by it forever, but each time I watch it I like it more! What a relief!

Remember that time I gave a TED talk? I’d been dreading the day that I’d have to watch it back on the internet; wasn’t quite sure that it’d turn out how I had it in my head.. well, so far, the world seems to like it. Because that’s the thing: it’s on show to the entire internet, and it’s meant to be seen. There’s some weird voting aspect involved in deciding who of the 300 finalists will get to present their full talk at TED2013.. they’re particularly vague about it though ‘comments will help us decide’ but specific about it in that votes won’t secure your place. And so I imagine that there isn’t too much point in spamming everyone to vote.. I suspect that they would already know who they have in mind; to make it into the top 10% you’d have to have done some really amazing things.. I’m talking like Chantelle starting a charity, right!

And on one hand, you get even the slightest possibility of getting to TED and you take it, spamming included. But on the other, it is so so nice to read comments from strangers. To see that people that I don’t know have recommended my video to their friends.. Saying things like “A great idea and willing to fight for it, seems to me Hood is one of those people TED was made for.” How incredible..! Really an amazing feeling. We’ll see how this plays out, but either way, I’m pretty satisfied (even if my talk bores me!!)

Anyway, this all came to light in the last week when I was having my last family holiday for a long while. Sadly Dad wasn’t able to come because of work, because I was really looking forward to having him there: I see the others a lot, but he kinda makes it feel ‘holiday’y. We went to Thredbo to visit Mathew because he’s working there for the season. The skiing was good fun – I picked it back up again pretty quickly and was onto blues (one ranking below blacks) on the first of the two days. Albeit it took a while on day 1: we followed Mum on the beginner-most slope for a while; Mathew was teaching her. We left Mum waiting for us for lunch as Mathew, Teagan and I went off to a more difficult slope.. lonnnng story short, we made it back about 2-3 hours later after Teagan being a bit out of her depth and Mathew supporting her step by step down the by then-iced slope.

I spent a lot of time doing Robogals stuff.. got pretty stressed over the RRR weekend I’m in charged of, but it’s turning out ok so far (a lot of thanks goes to Jacob’s Telstra phone – reception for the rest of us was terrible!).. next weekend will tell!


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