Flashback: exam block

This is my first exam block experience without actually being a student. I get to watch on facebook as everyone complains about their lack of sleep and leaving the house for a few weeks, and I’m handling it better than I thought 😉

To be honest, I thought I would hate life outside of uni! I think it was part of the charade that I had going on where I convinced myself that I love stress so so much and to do anything but intensive study which ruins my life would be painful for me!

Well what I can say now is: maybe. At this moment, I’m perfectly fine not being at uni: having time to do things like bake each week, and so it seems like I’ve proved myself wrong. But, it’s only been 6 months which actually feels like 2, and I suspect that if I had a few more months of this I would probably start to get a bit restless and sign up to online courses, because there’s still too much I don’t know.

In summary: I think that the time I’ve taken away from uni between November and September will have been a perfect balance.. good job, ‘Deanna just doing what the world forced her to do’.. you did good!

Regarding the blog post title, I think it’s about time I started documenting some things that maybe haven’t happenedrecently, but that I think I’m likely to forget. And so by documenting them while I still remember, I can get that ‘oh yeah, I remember that!’ feeling when I read through this years from now (supposedly).

Having everyone in exam block made me remember what my exam blocks were like, and I thought I’d share as the first of many flashbacks.

In summary: pyjamas. Exam blocks at QUT run for maybe 3 weeks, and in that time I’d usually have 4 exams (sometimes 3, sometimes 5 (they had these damn subjects with two ‘module’ which were pretty muchentire units)). I could have a day between exams, or a week between (I can’t remember ever having two on the same day). I would study by going through the whole subject’s tutorial sheets, and then once I was confident I’d try to tackle the past exams as if they were the real thing. I would scan my working and send it to my friends, because I have a feeling that Michael just used my explanations as the basis of his study 🙂 If there was a test without answers provided, I’d usually check with Lawrence and Ellie on their responses. But, without fail, there was always at least 4 consecutive days of me wearing the same clothes and sitting at the dining table with my laptop and the radio on (see the result below: pre-MSS luau party end of 2010).

Which station? 97.3, of course: all of the best 80s to keep me focused. Seems like a strange statement, but I find that if I don’t have music then I’m very quick to get distracted.. and that usually leads to me eating a lottt of food (chocolate). But the advantage of having the radio on for 3 weeks in a row is that you’ve got a pretty good chance at winning whatever competition they’re running! Ok, I never won, but I did get the phone answered twice to tell me that I was caller number 8 instead of 9! Kept me occupied though 🙂 One year I was given a tamagotchi for my birthday by Alex’s sister Elise.. it was perfect for studying with! Whevener I got bored, a 30 second game with it and then I was back to work. As opposed to a 5 minute trip to the kitchen (or heaven forbidoutside!)

PS. had a mini freakout about how I won’t possibly be able to deal with exam blocks without having my family around the house being annoyed at my 80s singing 😦 I will find a way.


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