Just got home from the launch of the Erasmus Mundus Association Oceania Chapter.. what a great night! Had to sit through some presentations that didn’t tell me a whole lot of anything new, except that apparently I should watch a movie called Spanish Apartments. And that not many Australians apply for EMMCs.. well, at least being the first Australian in VIBOT might not just be because we weren’t good enough then..

After that, the real fun began: chatting. All of the people there with the exception of one girl were EM alumni, and therefore full of wisdom. I spent the night (snacks and then a dinner) picking their brains on where to go in Europe, how to get around, what to take, how to settle in. It was really great to talk to people that know what it’s like to move every 6 (or 3!) months, because that can change a lot of the answers. I’m really happy I went, and I hope that I get to attend another event before the big send-off!

I have a new appreciation for the GEMS mentoring program because it’s been a long time since I’ve been the ‘mentee’, but it really is such a nerve-calmer to meet people that have done it before. It would be nice if there was a way to make the other higher-year GEMS realise just how much it can help. I think the mentoring should start before girls are even at uni: like an orientation day, which I know there has been talk of, but just a dinner with GEMS could have such an impact!

Tomorrow morning I’m going to see Amy’s brother to book my flights hopefully… let’s see what happens!


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