Oh my gosh. The most incredible weekend just happened in Sydney. This is something I’m going to want to remember for a very long time I think:

My new favourite photo, ever. That’s me, giving a TED talk! Not at a TEDx independently organised event.. we’re talking a legit TED conference with Mr TED himself, Chris Anderson (I didn’t actually know who he was but could totally tell he was a big deal). You see, for TED2013 in California next year, they’re trying this new thing where they get speakers from a worldwide talent search rather than however the hell they usually pick. Apparently tickets to these conferences go for $7500, so to speak at one is the real deal. Statistically speaking, this isn’t particularly likely for any of us in the 14-city talent search, but to be picked for the top 20 for the one in Sydney is pretty remarkable.

Actually, when I saw that I had an email from TED I didn’t get too excited because hundreds of people applied and I didn’t think my application was terribly good (it’s really hard to be enthusiastic in a 1 minute video to a webcam!). I opened it, they wanted me to go to Sydney. Still, no excitement. “They must have just picked a lot of people.” Paul: “you got in?! you’re the only one I know!! and I know lots of people that applied!” Chantelle: “Swear words! I’m a finalist for TED2013!” Well, when you put it likethatI guess it’s a pretty big deal to be a finalist..! And hey, their words, not mine! I mean, when there’s only one stage of a final it seems a bit weird to say finalist.. seems more like.. got through to the next round. of which there is only one.


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