I’m so excited right now! So I’ve spent all weekend ignoring my duties (TED, Robogals, French) and instead I’ve been googling places in France and how far away from Le Creusot they are. I can fly from Lyon to London for $40! To visit Carly! She’s practically next door.. I can visit her all the time to feel like I’m at home.

$30 and 1hr on the train I can be in Paris. or a $30 flight I can be in Milan. THIS IS INSANE! This doesn’t happen in Australia. Flights are much more expensive, much longer, and will just get you to another state. My mind can’t handle all of the opportunities!

But what’s even MORE exiting is that Pariss just told me that she’s bought her tickets to Europe. Originally she told me they were for 18th November and I was so disappointed.. I thought that we had agreed that she’d be here for Christmas when I was on holidays, and we’d go to Paris together. Pariss in Paris: we’d start a blog.

What I didn’t realise was just how these Europe trips work.. you don’t stay for a week! You stay until 15th January!!!!! You travel with Deanna through Paris for two weeks, and spend Christmas and New Years together. Eat nothing but macarons. Maybe even three weeks depending on when the Spain semester starts!

I’m so overwhelmed by this all: I’ll just have to get through one month before Pariss will be there. Carly is already there. This is doable. I can do this!

But I must get through the next week without spending all of my time researching places to go in Europe, like where to buy macarons…………. then I should be alright. Pariss has assignments and exams! I can’t imagine how that’s going to go.. I don’t think I’m going to be very productive in the next while at ALL!

I must tell my mum this news: I won’t be alone for Christmas! But I must make it less of a surprise, because Carly will have been there this whole time for me to have Christmas with, I just hadn’t thought of it yet 🙂

So I really don’t have too much to be worried about!!


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