.. cont.

oh and if you were wondering, I went with VIBOT. Because it was the one that I have been telling everyone about, and I’ve had in my head since the beginning.

Afterwards though I started to feel like I’d made the wrong decision academically because the subjects and the universities look better at EMARO, but I think that’s just because I don’t appreciate computer vision as much as control systems yet. I know though that it will be amazing, but the first semester at VIBOT is going to be a lot of revision. Originally I was like ‘sweet, cruisey semester’ which I’m sure I’m still going to appreciate once I get there and am (hypothetically) traveling every weekend, but my head says that it was a bad choice to pretty much waste a semester. After all, I don’t want to come out at the end of another course and find that I still don’t know enough.. EMARO would have made me a roboticist.. VIBOT is going to have me with just a dozen more subjects under my belt. But I think that computer vision should not be understated for having ability to change the world: it will just be in ways that I haven’t got in my head yet. I was hoping to get some more hardware experience, but perhaps I can’t even say which course will be better for that: I just hope that CV doesn’t turn out to be all software with no hands-on applications, because that was what started to annoy me about the maths degree.

But I will find a kickass thesis project at the end of it, I PROMISE.


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