I’m writing the most awkward email at the moment.

What’s annoying is that EMARO got its EACEA validation of their scholarship recipient selection about a month ago, but due to continual delays, VIBOT is yet to receive its.

This has put me in quite the predicament, since by this point EMARO is sick of waiting for me to reply to their offer, but I still don’t officially know if I’m confirmed for VIBOT. I couldn’t imagine that EMARO is too used to getting such delays from students, because it’s not terribly common for students to turn down a $60k scholarship.

My task now is to decide which course I wish to take.. and in the meantime to convince EMARO to wait for my decision, because they have given me a deadline to reply by which has already passed. I’m hoping that this deadline was more to weed out the non-repliers, and that they won’t kick me out for being slow, but verbal.

What I must weigh up are factors such as the coursework, the locations, the duration of placements, the universities and the students. The latter is difficult since only VIBOT provided (perhaps accidentally) the email addresses of accepted students so that I could facebook stalk them – they are from an amazing assortment of countries and seem young enough that I could make some friends; there are three other girls. I wonder if a year from now I will read this post and laugh at some of the things I say about these strangers, who perhaps at that point will be my best friends.

It’s a pretty difficult decision to make.. I imagine that it could end up taking my life in two separate directions. But I feel confident that neither would be a bad choice, and I would eventually end up at the right ‘place’. Currently I wish to choose VIBOT, because I like the idea of 6 month rotations, one of which being Spain.. ❤ .. and moving around with the same group of people (hopefully we like each other..)

I know though that EMARO has better ranked universities (still not particularly world-class) and greater emphasis on robotics (nothing wrong with computer vision though- I’m cruisey), and larger cities, and the French university on the main campus (so more student clubs), and an actual double masters degree presented (as opposed to joint masters) with the opportunity for an Asian placement. With this lengthy delay on VIBOT I am beginning to be suspicious that this is some sort of signal from ‘the universe’ that I should reconsider VIBOT.. it’s just that the friendliness of the VIBOT facebook page has always had me leaning towards it. But when you list all of the benefits of EMARO in one sentence as just previously………….

I was hoping that EMARO would tell me that I would have to go to Poland which I am not keen on (but, I got my first preference of France and Italy), or perhaps VIBOT will not grant its place to me. That way this difficult decision is out of my hands!

I know I am very fortunate to be in this situation, but it’s driving me crazy.


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