Here I am, eating my taro mochi (dericious), after making my own (frozen) dumplings in my new steamer basket with my finally found rooster chilli sauce that I discovered in China in 2009, though still recovering from the feast of yum cha yesterday. Quite oriental of me, I feel.

I went with the civil engineers from America and mechanical engineer-turned-financer that I met last Friday at a young professionals meetup for dinner and a movie (American Pie Reunion), and a chemical engineer friend of the Americans (also from meetup). Last week there were five of us at a smaller table in a large group, and four of us turned out to be engineers- how cool. They’ve just moved to St Kilda from California – not for any particular reason, just for a change!! I wonder if I’ll be like that after my masters course.. and they invited me! Yayyyy I have friends 😀

Did some gift shopping for Mum afterwards, and was so full when I got home I don’t think I had dinner. Brunch the next morning with a meetup in Brunswick which I rode my bike to – it’s getting a bit cold now though, I had to wear ear muffs and gloves! Nice food and a really nice host – no long-lasting friends though I feel.

Can’t remember much else of what happened that weekend/week because it’s been a while since it happened!


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