Macaron drive

Today I gave macarons to strangers for donations to Teagan’s Live Below the Line campaign (we’re going to live on $2 a day for a week in May, but she’s raised heaps and is close to winning a volunteer trip overseas, so I’m focusing on her).

Even on the tram ride in, because I had some signs on the trays, I received two donations of $6.50 and $5, one not even for the macaron. Off to a good start!

It was a perfect setting on the lawn – by the time I’d made one round, the high turnover rate meant I had a whole new group of people to sell my spiel to.

One lady I spoke to when I was half way through talking she said ‘Oh, I’m not giving money to any children’.. what?! I should have asked her reasons.. seems like such a strange thing to say.

As far as I can remember, the donation on the tram was the most I had- most people stuck to the $5, but it was definitely the most common number. Quite a few were happy to just donate and not get anything in return, but I think if there hadn’t have been anything offered, it could have been a different story. And once that number was in their head, it seemed to stick.

Incredibly, in two hours I was able to pool $163 from strangers – not bad!

Overall the day was quite good – I’m glad I did it; Teagan appreciated the donation (though for a while I was torn between giving it to her (she was second but by like $2k) or putting it on my account so I could go into the draw for an ipad.. I figure she’ll need it eventually), and noone was rude to me for interrupting their reading etc.

Given that I came home and ate a ‘few’ of the leftovers, I’m not sure how I’ll go without much by way of snacks during LBL week….


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