Feeling quite strange at the moment.. a strange mix of emotions.

On one hand, my macarons certainly turned out much better than they did last week (overmixed, therefore fragile and cracked and translucent), and I was able to fix the chocolate penutbutter mixture that had turned into a brick with a bit of milk. I also went to the Finders Keepers market and bought a few things.. some prints to be gifts for Mumsies, a set of earrings, and a big necklace that can let me tick ‘collar necklace’ off my list even though it’s actually a butterfly.

On the other hand, my macarons behaved quite strangely. They look beautiful, but even though they were cooked for ages longer than the recipe (and back at the correct temperature this time- not sure what I was thinking last week!) their guts still fell out but in a strange way. You could take the shell off them as if they weren’t even connected.. in fact I believe this to be the case, with the exception of the edge of the bottom near the feet. At least the feet came with the shell, so after I scooped their guts back in they kinda look the same.. at least some of them worked well (a few even perfectly), but I got pretty frustrated with the trays of scoopable ones.

This probably has something to do with the part where making them in the first place was a waste of time.. you see, I was doing it to help Teagan who was coming fourth in a fundraising competition for Live Below the Line, where she can win a volunteering trip overseas.. perfect for her! I asked all of my friends to donate to her (she had already raise $2k by herself and wasn’t too far off the leader), and I was going to get the help of strangers by enticing them to donate with macarons. Perhaps a hundred dollars would help her get the trip of her dreams. But, she told me that when they did today’s update, the leader had received another two $1000 donations so was kinda flogging us.. Add to this that I ruined the butter filling by adding over-softened (ie melted) butter to the eggs (WHY.. I knew that it would wreck it!!!!), and I’m a bit over it.

Back on the first hand, I bought myself a Stephen K Amos ticket for tonight.. one of the benefits of going alone is that I can find single tickets to an otherwise sold out event.

Makes me feel like there isn’t really that much to complain about 🙂

But, back on the second hand, I forgot to mention that I suspect I have heart failure. Awesome. I’m so afraid of what this means.. all I know is that I have mild pitting edema in my legs, a high heart rate and some strange fluttering sometimes, and that I should probably stay away from the internet because it terrifies me with its talk of transplants and mortality. Luckily for me I’ve been approved to go to Europe on scholarship, but that terrifies me too. What if my heart stop me from going? What if it turns into one of those bucketlist trips? this wasn’t supposed to happen tome.. but stress and lack of free time come at a price.

Good thing I bought comedy tickets.


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