Free stuff!

Last Thursday I went to baking club (emptyhanded): free ‘special diet’ goods, including a chocolate tofu pie and vegan brownies. I think I’ll make some friends from that, including the guy with the purple hair, and the american Mercedes.

I then went to the fortnightly science society bbq where I made friends with the physics postgrads in front of me in the line: free delicious sausage in bread with cheese and bbq sauce.. win!

In the evening there was an international student clubs’ Night Market, where you have to pay for the food….. but it was pretty cheap! I wandered around and eventually got sucked into the Korean stand by the dumplings, though the sticky rice skewers with red sauce were nicer. Ran into at least five (groups of) people that I knew/recognised – I’m on my way to having what I had at QUT! Including my Sri Lankan friends, and two more friends of theirs.

I hung out with them for the rest of the night, although the group did split at one point due to different food preferences. I met a new girl, Dhinu, and we got our photos taken at the photobooth which I’d read about, for $5: split between us, practically free.

Natasha and Dhinu

We were considering going in again with some of the venetian masks, but then they were calling people over to the next stall for a competition with movie tickets to be won. As I found out with Alex, movie tickets can be ridiculously expensive here. It turned out to be a knockout version of Minute to Win It.

Natasha and I got into the second lot of the first round, which was to keep three balloons off the ground.. everybody failed, in all lots, and we were walking away and Dhinu was heading home. The organisers came back to us and said that we could be in the next round (presumably since everyone failed etc).. which was to pick up 6 pasta tube pieces with a piece of dry spaghetti in our mouth. Blitzed it! 5 others got through eventually, and we were told that there were 3 movie tickets to win. I thought that meant we have a 50% chance at that point!

Instead, one person wins all three… and we have to go through a few more rounds to decide who wins. One of which was placing oreos on our foreheads and moving them using our facial muscles to our mouths.. blitzed it! There was also an m&m sorting round.. came last. Putting a cereal box jigsaw puzzle together.. owned it. Blowing plastic cups off the table with balloon air.. owned it enough to win the whole thing! Bam! Free movie tickets.


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