Alex is back!

Thursday night: chill at home.

Friday: lunch at Huxtaburger (nomnomnom). A long wait but worth it! Although my hands got quite greasy as they cook the buns too. How classic do they look though?


Dinner with Amy and Dan that night, so I spent the afternoon going through the Entertainment Book trying to find where Amy and I could maximise our savings. She had used the coupons that I had suggested so we just went to a non-book laksa restaurant she had been waiting to try. Bit annoying that even though we had a booking it seemed like we had to wait in the mob of people for a table like them. Nice laksas, but my mee goreng was a bit disappointing (I had had pack ones the night before which are pretty delish). They came back to my house and hung around for an hour or two chatting 🙂

Saturday was pretty chill.. fixed some things around the house, bought lollies and watched a movie, and went to TGI Fridays for an underwhelming meal but with a coupon so it evened out 🙂

Sunday we went to the multicultural festival and got to try different foods and listen to some music. Stopped off at the post office, and Tamara’s to return her passport from when she left it in my bag at the foam party. Saw the Hunger Games in the evening (with a coupon, of course) which was a good movie. Ate chips and m&ms for dinner in the process 😀

Monday Alex got ‘birthday’ breakfast in bed since I will be in Melbourne for his 22nd, and we went for Churros and hot (liquid) chocolates down the road using some coupons, before heading to the airport!! The time goes much too quickly……


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