Bit of night life!

Yesterday my third meetup for the day was a pub crawl, after going to brunch with the women in engineering club and dinner with young professionals – a lot of them tagged along afterwards (some had already planned to go). We each paid $20 with the hopes of discovering the underground bars of Melbourne, with a drink at each. Luckily for me, everywhere in Melbourne is yet to be discovered, so I had no chance of being disappointed like a friend of mine because he knew everywhere we went to.

First stop on the pub crawl

Four laneway bars and a club to wrap it up, and a great time getting to know probably 15 of the 40 people there. A lot of the places were small and intimate, and so with 40 people in there it got a bit crowded. This caused the people who were already there and didn’t enjoy yelling at each other to find somewhere else, which is probably why we stayed for an hour at each place- to get the bar’s money back.

At the third bar I met a girl from San Fransisco that moved here in October and had similar goals to me in terms of bringing about good in the world – I really hope she follows through and we end up going out another time for coffee!!

At the last bar there was a dancefloor which I had a bit of a try at, then the guy that I had been speaking to before called me into the next room to get back to talking about nothing really.. being too polite, I followed- and he taught me all about the wonders of soldering in the context of being a pool filter manufacturer (“it’s complicated, bare with me”) when I mentioned being an electrical engineer. “I enjoyed having a really intelligent conversation with you; maybe you’d like to go for coffee sometime..” “sure eheh.. *bail*” There was a mechanical engineer who had just spent a few months in Austria as a ski instructor who I spent most of my time with- makes conversation much easier.. I just go with the generic stuff about the course and the lifestyle (he studied at UQ).

The final place was more of a club with rnb focus, so a group of underdressed older white people stood out a bit 😛 nonetheless, I stood around awkwardly dancing and eventually made enough eye contact with a friendly regular who encouraged me onto the stage which was mainly empty. Since I had told myself that I’d wait around for a few more songs waiting for something fun to happen, I figured I should probably get up on the stage and copy his dance moves while making a fool of myself 🙂 eventually a few more people from the group (including the girl from the US) joined us and we made fools of ourselves together. A fun time! Certainly wasn’t what I thought I was getting into at the beginning of the night, and not something that I would have stumbled into on my own 🙂

At around 1:30 I figured I should head home (Paul had checked up on me which was nice given I’d mentioned my concerns about a seedy pubcrawl by myself) and make the last tram, so I snuck out hoping that none of the more awkward guys (including the one from the previous place) would do the whole ‘oh I’m going this way too’.. I didn’t want to keep in contact, particularly!


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