Successful Sunday

I feel like I’ve had quite a productive day today!

Went to brunch at a French restaurant in Fitzroy in the morning with some nice ladies. One of them was in the process of separating from her husband after 20 years and told how he had come into her house and cleared out all of the furniture one day.. made me think that if they are so quick to snatch at things, they probably think that you’re about to do the same thing, which I’m sure isn’t true so is quite insulting – a bit like what happened to Alex’s mum. She agreed to go to a singles networking night with another two of the girls which I wasn’t expecting – anything to get out of the house.

Got some groceries on the way home – by which I mean I grabbed one of each thing on sale… wayyyyyy too much junk food and I am not proud of it. But that’s what coles is good for: $1 for 6 mars bar cookies?!!

Ran into my French teacher on the way home which is quite funny – the one person I know in this city I bump into every day just about! She was headed to the Sydney Rd street festival which was my plan also, but she was cycling and I wasn’t quite ready (not that she suggested to go together). I dropped my groceries off and put the flowers in a vase and went to tackle the roller door. Armed with scissors and a knife, I took down any menacing looking part of the palm tree and I think accidentally got the door back on its tracks, so now it works much easier. I was planning to meet up with Amy and Dan (from Alex’s work), but they had had a bit too big of a night before I think.

Off to Sydney Rd, planning to get hooks to fix my curtains if nothing else. Ran into a warehouse sale and bought a cute polka dot skirt, then walked the length of the street festival to get to Spotlight where I got the bits for the curtains, and some pillows to go into my couch cushions-to-be. Forgot the zippers, so called into the opshop to grab some mismatched ones.

A poke around in the bike shop turned out to be quite fruitful since their 20% off street festival sale lead to me getting a helmet (purple 🙂 ), a lock (D lock, of course), and new brake pads for around $70, which is about what I’d expect from ebay hah.. I forgot to get some lights, but figure ebay would be best for that anyway.

Food seemed a bit too expensive for my liking, but the paella in the park event that Amy was so excited for shouldn’t have been quite finished, so I headed north a suburb and got one of the last servings. It was a bit disappointing, so perhaps it’s normally that atmosphere that you’re paying for… at least it gave me something to take to work for lunch tomorrow!


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