I had a great long weekend in Brisbane! I got picked up from the Gold Coast by Teagan, where we’d plan to hit the beach but it was raining.. we went and got burgers and went to the movies instead πŸ™‚ I got passed over to Alex, who had offered to cook but we got indian instead with a voucher I had – lots of stories to tell about works.

Friday I caught up with Pariss for lunch, which turned into 8hrs as expected πŸ˜€ not sure what we talked about the whole time.. a little bit was alexisonfire, soundwave plans, without doubt baking and things to do in Melbourne……

Saturday was spent at soundwave festival with Alex, and intermittent stints of Teagan, Mathew and Jacob, Mel and David, Wahyu, and Kandi. I saw a few bands I knew but enjoyed seeing Strung Out because I haven’t seen them live before – they put quite a spin on the songs so it took me a while to recognise a lot of them! Had the worst reception all day so asked Mathew and Jacob to meet us after Strung Out before our phones died. Since they’re Jacob’s favourite band, I thought we could count on it- but we ran into them afterwards walking towards the stage…….. a bit of a timetable mishap on their part!

It rained lightly on-and-off for the day, but I had a cardigan and poncho so was sweet. I really enjoyed watching system of a down for the headliner, in picnic style sitting on the grass watching the big screen with the others. I found it really interesting that the main singer seemed so down-to-earth.. he was wearing whatever the male equivalent of a blouse is, and seemed really nice! It was good to see from a massively famous band.

Sunday I had lunch with my friends at the place which does $2 steaks ($5 meals) on Sundays. I had put an open invite on facebook so that I didn’t have to feel bad about not making an effort to catch up with anyone while I was there, and had mechanical engineering friends and school friends show up, which was nice. Eventually my school friends and I moved on to a bar in West End where Teagan ran into Jamie out the front. Mathew and I came out and we had a good chat about times growing up in Sinnamon Park for a while. Eventually they headed home and Alex and I went over to some engineering friends’ house and chilled there for a while. It was pretty relaxed, whereas at a bar or whatnot it could be quite forced. They had an actual living room where they hung out and watched tv, which I liked the idea of.. the kitchen seems to work just as well for us though πŸ™‚

Monday I went in to uni to visit the gems girls for a bit while they were running their stall.. got heaps of free stuff while I was there! It was great to see what a good job they’re doing with the club. They even got a $5k sponsor for the year which I’ve never heard of! Alex and I went to the shops and bought a bunch of AWESOME windup toys, then he made dinner and we went back to my house to pack some things. I must say, I’m not enjoying having all of my things packed away.. especially when they weren’t packed by me.. makes things very difficult.

Tuesday I grabbed my winter clothes and headed to the airport with Alex and Teagan. We got subway right near the airport and then I, true to form, freaked out that I would miss my flight because they would board early…. got there and there was an hour delay due to weather (apparently.. seemed fine when I got to Melbourne..). Luckily I had re-booked an earlier flight during the flight kefuffle and I still made it to French class on time- back into the swing of things!


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