Well, you see, once you have a car, the world of second-hand items is pretty much your oyster.

I thought I might like a tv. I had survived pretty well without one, but it gets annoying when everyone on facebook is talking about a particular show which you can’t watch! I went to the shops to find out how much one would be first-hand- not to buy, of course (!), just for reference. There were 24” ones for sale for $150. “I can beat that! Wouldn’t want to go any smaller though…”

Enter ebay, and the world of hundreds of old CRTs being sold, as well as a lot of projection tvs.. I didn’t get one just for the fact that they all seem to have this stand beneath them (presumably part of the tv), which wouldn’t work with positioning in my room. Plus, I read that you have to replace the lamps quite often which would quickly outweigh the cost of the tv.

Eventually I scored a 22” or something one for $30, right near my house. But, I brought it home and it resembled more of a computer monitor… this, coupled with the fact that I had not cleared out my watch list on ebay, mayyyyyy have then lead to the purchase of a 42” plasma for $80. How could I not?!

Even with my car, that almost came to be a difficult pick-up. It’s a bit difficult to gauge the size of something when it’s online. I cleared off the front seat like I had to get my other tv, but figured I’d take my bike out of the bake seat too. Well, it was a good thing I did.. the tv only just fit across the back seat of my car! Ridiculous.

I’ve had a lot of enjoyment out of telling everyone what a bargain it was (it really is a monster in this room), and usually forget to mention that it has some colourful dancing pixels when the tv shows black. The sellers described this as poor resolution, which of course turned enough others off it that I could get it at a steal, but to a short-sighted person, this is not such a big deal!!

It turns out to be a really common problem with all brands of plasma tvs. As such, there’s a lot of information on the internet about how to fix it- you just have to tune a potentiometer in the back of the tv. Easy! 4 million screws later, I can see the component, but can’t get to it because another pcb is mounted in front of it. How lame! No free fixing for me… Which means no fixing at all then! 😀

Apparently, however, tvs these days still need antennas. I did my research and found the $20 bunny-ears which had the highest success rate, and got full signal straight away! Too easy!

I also managed to pick up a shiatsu massage cushion which is quite a treat indeed 🙂


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