goin alright so far

It’s almost been a week since Alex left, and I’ve mostly still been too busy to write!

On the weekend I went to brunch with a women in engineering and science club which has just started up which was really enjoyable. We went to a place in Brunswick which is where I had been waiting to go, so afterwards I went around and bought some fabric to decorate my room with, but skipped most of the opshops as I haven’t really been in the mood for clothes. I actually think that this might overlap with my previous post, as I am just remembering that Alex left that night. But, before that, we spent the afternoon decorating my ceiling with fabric. It didn’t quite work out how I had envisioned it (like cinema drapes along the top edge of the (really high) ceiling), but with some improvisation we managed to make it look alright by using the existing gross nails in the wall, instead of covering them. There was a bit of an emotional breakdown in the between time, though, as I came to realise that I was indeed living in a rental property. I think it was better for it to happen then than at the airport though – that would have made things a bit too difficult perhaps.

After I got back from the airport I hung out with Paul and his girlfriend for a while, planting the sunflower that I had found in a weed patch and yanked out to take home with me earlier that day. We thought that there wasn’t much hope for it since I had unknowingly done everything possible to damage this plant, but it seems to be alright looking at it now, it’s just a bit balding… I should think more long-term next time before I pick the best looking flower.

On Monday I started work. I felt I would fit in pretty well since the week before I had called my supervisor to see when to come in on Monday. ‘9?’ I said.. ‘Maybe make it 10.’ Pro supervisor. They didn’t really have anything ready for me to do, so once I finally got let inside by someone (my supervisor was not in at 10) I had a chat with Chandan (my actual supervisor it seems) about the project, got sent home for a while, and when I went back got given some papers to read. Pretty strange for a first day, but I managed to buy a pedestal fan and get to the post office to send off a gift for Teagan and collect my bedspread which I had left in Brisbane, and a surprise gift of ‘ninjabreadman’ cookie cutters 🙂

My first task is to make a phonocardiograph: a display of heart sounds measured by a microphone. So I spent Tuesday and Wednesday (and Thursday as it turned out) deciding what circuits to try and which components to buy.

On Tuesday night I went to a meetup called Truth Cinema where they show documentaries at a bar, for free. This week they actually had more of a movie showing, which was animated in a strange way.. overall I didn’t find the movie too impressive, but met some welcoming people there who seem to have quite a strong club going to I look forward to going back there. Free movies!!

Friday I went and picked up my car from the depot.. I was quite happy when I got there and the men commented how excited I seemed! I had collected the keys but my car battery was dead, and when I went back inside I heard them saying how ‘bubbly’ I was 🙂 Butttttt when I got back to my car, the central locking had locked itself due to the dead battery for some reason and my drivers door does not require the handle to be held up for the door to lock. ERGO my keys were locked in the car.. not cool. After a bit of break and enter and a quick jumpstart I was finally on the road in Melbourne! I have been very fortunate to have my satnav, but am still freaked out by the concept of driving with the trams. Seeing Alex drive with the last week helped though, but I don’t know when we have to give way to them etc!


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