new beginnings!

Well it’s been a bit of a busy week!!

I write to you from my new house. What’s it like? Pretty awesome I’d say. I’ve spent most of this week setting everything up for my new room – I have a 5 piece cupboard set which takes up most of the wall space (but still only 2/3 of the wall height), a new ikea bed/couch thing with heaps of floor clearance (for a trundle which I didn’t buy), enough floor space for another single bed and a double bed hah, and at the moment a desk which the lady gave away with the cupboards (it’s a bit heavy though so I might trade it out for a different table). Looking around, the walls are a bit dirty (white) and have screws left in them, so I think I’ll try some drapes from the ceiling to make it look prettier.

Alex is here with me which definitely made the send off a bit easier, though it was still quite emotional. I know I’ll see everyone soon though, which helps.

That was Monday morning, and later that day we ditched our (my) bags at home and had a chat with Paul, then walked (!) into the city looking around, eat some dumplings, buy some bedding and grab some groceries on the way home (open till midnight, of course).

Tuesday we picked up my furniture with the rental van then headed to ikea to grab a bed (and lunch of COURSE), and ages away to pick up the world’s comfiest beanbags before heading to Lygon St for Italian for dinner.

Wednesday we returned the van and had brunch at a place recommended by one of my friends. Apparently coffee is amazing in Melbourne – I’m getting used to it but to me it will only be good when it doesn’t quite taste like coffee 🙂 We set up some furniture and took a trip to the post office to send some paperwork for my job, then I went to dinner with Paul’s friends which he invited me to. I got there before most of the people but made friends with the two who were there, and then got introduced to a few more who sat with us and by the end of the night (there was a bit of a house party involved) we might have even been friends! Some of them even added me on facebook, so we’re going to the nursery on the weekend like they offered. They said that the inner northern suburbs are the place to be and where most of their friends live, so I might always have someone to catch transport home with then.

On Thursday I was planning to have breakfast with a friend who’s moving to away from Melbourne but we both slept in and missed the opportunity. Alex and I went to the Australia Day activities (comedians, old cars, dog relays and free choctops were involved) before going for a shop and getting some burgers at a rooftop bar.

Today has been pretty lazy: we went to the hardware store then got burgers and are waiting around to maybe have dinner with Alex’s friend from work who lives in Melbourne.

The main differences here compared to Brisbane are that I’m close to everything (library, post office, work, city, restaurants, movies, groceries, etc) and that it gets dark at like 9pm which is a bit strange. I can understand why it’s said that you don’t need a car, but I’m itching for mine to arrive so that I can go shopping for fabric and other things to finish off this room!


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