Been pretty busy lately – finishing exams and going to graduation parties. After our final exam (which all of us IF21ers had together – how nice to finish at the same time!), we went on a nerd pub crawl with the civil engineering society. But first we hung out at the guild bar until they closed, because some people were wearing thongs. I was the only one of us dressed up, but I stuck with my crew when the pub crawl moved on.

GEMS Grads

The GEMS graduation dinner was a great success I believe. We had 40 people (well, 40 paid – some decided not to show.. weirdos) and probably half were grads, meaning they got a cute silver signing hat. The bar was training a bartender so we got plenty of free cocktails throughout the night, and a bottle of champagne for during the toast which was nice. The girls signed a really lovely card for me which I had to quickly put away before I started to cry.. and then I scored an ice cream machine. How sweet!!

The engineering ball wasn’t quite as exciting as I’d hoped, but it could be because I’m pretty sure I was the only electrical there. I’ve made so many friends in the other disciplines which was good to realise – spent my meal at the medical engineering table meeting Carly’s crew.

Nothing seemed particularly real though, which I imagine is my mind protecting me from what will probably end up being a pretty big break down.


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