I can’t think of an appropriate title for this post so I guess it’ll just be an update on everything..

There isn’t much good news about anything really – well, we got the response that we were expecting with high-power LEDs as SSVEP stimuli for our brain-car thesis project. ie, better than that with normal LEDs, which we expected months ago but didn’t achieve. It’s frustrating to have to deal with the brain and all of its unexplained behaviours. So sure, it worked.. but will it work tomorrow?

I had a pretty important interview last Tuesday with hopes of securing a free $100k. The interview went really well, too – perhaps just in comparison to the mock interview that QUT organised for me the day before which was super intense. So I was very happy after that – they asked me questions that I could easily talk about like influential leadership (see last post) and accelerating school.. I like interviews where they already seem sold by me.

I found out that Bec from maths had also had an interview, which was exciting for us – we had been sent to China together by the maths faculty so are kinda winning buddies. She tipped me off Thursday morning that she’d received an email that she’d been accepted. So, I checked my emails every 28 seconds for the next few hours, and very slowly came to the realisation that I hadn’t gotten through. Which, on the one hand is annoying because Bec would have gotten through because of her well-defined phd topic which I am very far from, but I still am pretty awesome and deserve to be on their website with the other scholars. But, I am fortunate that Bec got through and was able to give me the heads up because, had I have opened that email Friday afternoon with the expectations I had Thursday morning, it would have been quite difficult to handle.

I then followed it up with the Student Guild clubs awards night which also didn’t end the best: we were gracious losers to Natural Resources Society for Most Active Faculty Club, and Economics Finance Society for Club of the Year – what with their three events a semester. Don’t ask me, I can’t figure these things out. But I’d say 30 events, a mentoring program and a fortnightly dinner scheme is pretty active.

I get sick of doing awesome things without caring if people acknowledge them, when people actually don’t acknowledge them.


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