Last night, the whole year’s effort was made worthwhile. We held the GEMS AGM (in conjunction with our games night – best idea ever!) and had a massive 12 nominees for the Executive Committee of typically 6. I can assure you, this is a first for GEMS – normally whoever gets suckered in by the free food at AGMs is forced to be on the committee so we have enough to affiliate with the student guild.. But instead, we had 12 girls email their nominations in advance explaining how the club has had such a positive influence on them by making them feel welcomed and giving them access to role models that they wish to do the same for others in future. Of course we didn’t vote anyone out – that would be stupid: they’re eager volunteers.. but we did break everyone into specific sub-committees to help the group function better.

The AGM was a success (pizza was involved) so we had a bit of an impromptu focus group on what worked well throughout the year which prompted me to then put together a survey to collect everyone else’s feedback and hopefully some nice-sounding statistics and testimonials for our website-to-be!

I think that a new committee, a pumpin’ end of year party, and a sweet-looking website with compelling stats should be enough to bring the sponsors knocking!


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