Changing lives

Wow I’ve had a pretty big week I suppose! But then again, changing lives isn’t supposed to be too easy. And this week with the help of over 85 of my friends and family and plenty of complete strangers I managed to raise over $3,000 to give 12 girls in Sierra Leone a new lease on life with a year’s education scholarship. And I know that it’s a big number: I can tell by the reaction I get from people and how proud they all are of me. But for me, having watched the tally go up $20 at a time, I’ve become a bit desensitized. The only thing that keeps it in perspective is remembering how I felt when I first signed up and saw how much the leading girl had raised. “$800?! That’s an insane amount! Mum, one girl raised $800! I can definitely make $500 then. Surely. Hopefully. Oh, they recommend a target of $250… Well, I’ll just go for $500 and hope for the best.” Straight away it changes your perspective on things: can’t buy the pretty school dress or cute cupcake money box because they are expensive and so taking money away from the campaign. I can’t imagine how it affects Chantelle being the founder of One Girl! It’s amazing that I see her as such an inspiration and can’t imagine being so fantastic, and now people are starting to tell me the same thing! But what really is most amazing is how close I was to not participating at all: for the most part I was happy watching Chantelle’s campaign going ‘wow isn’t it incredible what she’s done’ and it only took her to be looking for someone in Brisbane to be in the newspaper that changed it all, and changed the lives of many!


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