It took a while to realise…

At Mathew's 21st

While having coffee with Pariss today I came to realise that it probably is about time that I leave QUT, because there really isn’t much left for me to accomplish here. If I were to stay any longer, I would probably get bored, because the last thing that I really had to accomplish was hosting an industry event. I practically organised all of the semester one event, but this time from start to finish, I was behind it. I have given my presentation to other students imparting my ‘wisdom’, established the mentoring program and helped the membership base of the club expand, and anything else that I were to do next year would probably be repetitious. I think that this is going to make it much easier to tackle graduation.. it may seem inconvenient to be kicked out of QUT, but I know that it is definitely for the best. I’m excited to organise and host the GEMS graduation dinner, and since that will be after everything degree-wise is finished, I think it will be a nice ending to the five years.

Pariss gave me some advice on her favourite stores and cafes in Melbourne, and I know she’ll be plenty more help in the future!


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