It took a while to realise…

At Mathew's 21st

While having coffee with Pariss today I came to realise that it probably is about time that I leave QUT, because there really isn’t much left for me to accomplish here. If I were to stay any longer, I would probably get bored, because the last thing that I really had to accomplish was hosting an industry event. I practically organised all of the semester one event, but this time from start to finish, I was behind it. I have given my presentation to other students imparting my ‘wisdom’, established the mentoring program and helped the membership base of the club expand, and anything else that I were to do next year would probably be repetitious. I think that this is going to make it much easier to tackle graduation.. it may seem inconvenient to be kicked out of QUT, but I know that it is definitely for the best. I’m excited to organise and host the GEMS graduation dinner, and since that will be after everything degree-wise is finished, I think it will be a nice ending to the five years.

Pariss gave me some advice on her favourite stores and cafes in Melbourne, and I know she’ll be plenty more help in the future!


What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?

– John Green

It paid off!

Industry night speakersWowwww this has been a massive week.. started off doing the assignment equivalent of cramming for a presentation that we had to make about surgical robots for enb457.. I felt bad at some points for convincing the group to choose that as the topic because I was the only one really set on it, but apparent from Kelly and cars, I was the only one really set on anything, so it turned out ok. It went especially well when we had to present, and other students spoke about the fifteen variations of static var compensators (yawn) while we showed people surgery robots with 6 arms and explained how surgeons could use telesurgery applications to perform surgeries guided by x-rays without radiation exposure.

Spent the whole day today working on my part of the report and editing everyone else’s, because for the rest of the week I have been absolutely run off my feet organising the sem 2 2011 gems networking evening. Organising it alone was a killer task (I took care of all of the gifts, catering, industry contacts by myself!) but then I added the extra task of presenting at the event.

I did manage to prove to myself though that I was able to do it. But I learnt that while I may be able to organise everything in preparation for the event, there is no way that I would have been able to pull it off without the help of the executive committee and Mum during the event. I spoke mainly about my tips for getting organised and involved in the university experience, but also came good on my promise to make a talk about my experiences at ICWES15 that I got sponsorship to attend.

Feedback on the event was really positive – we even managed to pull around 55 people!

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